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Who are we?

Ti Dream is not just a manufacturer of home textiles. This is a real family which is always ready to accept every customer into its ranks. It is very important for us to create cosy things that make life more pleasant and comfortable for you.

A Bit of History of the Ti Dream Brand

How did it all begin? Perhaps, from where life begins! We mean, from birth. The founder of the company was a young mother who decided to create the gentlest and comfortable things for her baby and then share them with other parents. In March 2017, the first representative of the Ti Dream textile family appeared. It was a Unicorn rug. And it also became a trendsetter for all subsequent products issued under the Ti Dream trademark.

After creating cute rugs for the nursery, children's towels and dressing gowns, it was the turn of the adult collection. All adults want to be little children, after all. We are proud that everything created in Ti Dream is a real exclusive. It is sewn manually in our manufacture and, of course, it is filled with the warmth of our hands and hearts.

Our company is a real family business because even its smallest member takes part in it. Yes, it is he who demonstrates all the new products of our range as a model!

Now, in Ti Dream, you can buy beautiful and high-quality home textiles for the whole family. In our assortment, there are both sets of clothes for sleeping and loungewear 0+ and older, as well as cute home accessories - rugs, pillows, children’s plush toys. The source of inspiration for our collection was animals, the most touching and fabulous children's characters. And we offer you and your children to reincarnate at home in cute bunnies, comely bear cubs and noble unicorns.

Among the products sewn by Ti Dream masters, you will find beautiful bathrobes and cosy pyjamas, kigurumi overalls and soft towels.

And How Is The Quality?

Parents of little children know better than anyone how important quality is in such delicate things as loungewear and textiles? And we, of course, pay a lot of attention to the selection of the highest quality and delicate fabrics, hypoallergenic fillers, reliable accessories and selection of patterns for sewing our products.

Today, in our online store, you can choose models of bathrobes from natural cotton terry cloth and the softest plush. Our pyjamas are made from both plush and blended fabric in which high-quality cotton is combined with a small addition of elastin.

Our dressing gowns, towels, and rugs fit perfectly together and you can order a whole collection of your favorite animals for your home. And, of course, our pyjamas and other clothes make it possible to dress the whole family in an exclusive loungewear family look!

We do not limit the range of our clients only to Ukrainian families and propose you worldwide shipping from our online store! During the two years of Ti Dream existence, we sewed several thousand dressing gowns and overalls, and people from almost every country wear our loungewear!

Ti Dream is your favorite home textile store. With us, you can get the coziest household things and pick up gifts for your loved ones. Decorate yourself and your home with our products and feel at home as in a good fairy tale because this is what we strive for - to make your home holiday in beautiful clothes comfortable and enjoyable.

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